About “Research Institute for the Future of Society(RIFJ)”

“RIFJ”is an organization launched for the Members of Parliament, Academicians, Bureaucrats, and Corporate CEOs to discuss and formulate “The Future of Japan and the World”, In January 2012 it obtained corporate status as a General Incorporated Association. At “RIFJ”, all our participants act respondibly, conducting goal oriented activities to develop and support human resource. contributing to the society and leading to better future. We propse and promote initiatives that directly contribute to local communities through our network involving Industry, Academia, Goverment and Politics. Also established are “Mirai Ken Projects” and “Global Mirai Ken”. “Mirai Ken Projects” involves forming initiatives, partnering with various organizations and conducting educational campaigns, while “Global Mirai Ken” discusses and undertakes initiatives to contribute towards international economy, diplomacy and global peace. All are welcome to participate in “RIFJ”. We look forward for your activ participation.